Making the change from mother’s milk to mole.

Sunrise: 07.27. Sunset: 04.19

This little fella thinks he can just mosey down into the den with the mole his dad brought home, but the little female cub has other plans; they end up tumbling down the hill, only to have another cub grab and run off with moley. The mole carcass soon becomes a substitute ball in a six player game of fox cub rugby.

The cubs know when a parent is near and will often be out of the den excitedly awaiting the arrival. On those occasions when the cubs prefer to stay underground, a fresh kill will be left a good distance from the entrance to entice the cubs increasingly further from the den.

Making the change from mother's milk to mole.

Making the change from mother’s milk to mole.

6 Comments on “Making the change from mother’s milk to mole.

    • Thank you, Raewyn. It’s even more interesting when sat halfway up a tree for hours on end, photographing the action. The hardest part is capturing the image at the exact point when action actually means something. Making eye contact with the photographer is a good connection.

      • I spend the time looking for whatever is is I am trying to phograph, Emily. If I am not fully commited to the job in hand, I will miss the photo oportunity. The time doesn’t go slowly, I can tell you that!

    • During the winter, on dark frosty nights, I sometimes go onto the marsh and sit on a stool against a tree, just to see what goes by. To sit and wait, I need to have a definite purpose on mind.

      If there is a den with cubs in it, for instance, i can sit and watch for hours on end.

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