11 Comments on “Dad feeding the cubs.

      • Well it’s true, Tom. I can spend a few hours up a tree now and again, but it’s unusual for me to stay still with my camera for long.

      • I visualise you sitting like a statue, probably covered in moss and leaves while happy animals play round your feet.

      • No that’s not me, Tom. I move slowly and, when I can, quietly. I usually have too much to do.

        I’ve blown your mental image of me now, haven’t I?

      • If i get excited enough about a photographic opprtunity or project, I will go the full hog and push the boat out: camouflage, full gillie suit, netting and special specticals to hide my eyes. I have all the equipment I need, but I have already photographed most things that intetest me. So I guess you can revert to your initial imagined impression of me. Who am I to spoil you mental images! 😉

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