Sunrise: 07.25  Sunset: 04.21

This is not a good photograph, but there is something about it I find appealing. I can’t put my finger on it; is it just me? Perhaps I am feeling that I wish I had done a better job. I nearly deleted it, but I couldn’t do it .


18 Comments on “Buzzard.

  1. Your photos are so brilliant that what you think are bad ones are just amazing to those of us that just ‘play’ with our cameras. That buzzard may not be centre on, but just look at the way the light comes through it’s feathers and the way it’s looking at you – fabulous!

  2. As with all of your photos, I think I love how you’ve framed the buzzard with the light in its wings and captured its attitude with that cock to his head. 😉

    • Thanks for your comment Cynthia. I am feeling that the image reminds me that I would be better pleased if I had done a better job of capturing the image. I will just have to try again.

    • Thanks, Raewyn. I suppose the main thing that attracts me to this image is the impression of the meaty part of the buzzard’s wing structure.

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