Fox Cub ( 3 months old).

Sunrise: 07.20. Sunset: 04.25


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  1. Hi Mike
    Hope you don’t mind but this is a question about Bees and Wasps!
    Basically I set up a honey trap earlier in the year to try and attract moths. However, I notice a few days ago that I attracted what I initially thought was a large amount of wasps. Now, upon analysing the pics i think I have a bunch of Honey Bees and TWO wasps! There are also a couple of dead bodies around which at the moment look like Bees, but otherwise they still appear to be eating together quite happily . Do you think they would share food? I would have thought the Wasps would have seen the bees off one way or another. I’ll post a pic at my earliest.
    Cheers Mark

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