Sunrise: 07.05 Sunset: 06.54

I downloaded 145 images from my Otterholt-cam today. These are three of the more intriguing images that I thought might be of an otter when first viewed on a small screen; however, when viewed on my computer screen this evening, it is plain that the visitor is a polecat.

There is a time difference of two hours between the first and second images, and two days between the second and third.

It seems to me that every marsh animal small enough to do so has inspected this otter holt, apart from an otter.

The otter-cam is looking into the holt living chamber.

Polecat 1 Polecat 2 Polecat 3



11 Comments on “Polecated!

    • It’s not easy to get an image of a wild polecat in daylight, Sarah. I might have more success finding a spare set of hen’s teeth.

      • I’ve seen quite a few polecats over the years, on the marsh and in Hoo Wood. Later in the year, I hear ferrets and polecats making their way through dried leaf litter. Every now and then they will stop, raise their heads, and have a look around. Fox Hollow is a good place to see ferrets and polecats.

  1. I’m sure you will find an otter ferreting about in there one day. However, a polecat is pretty cool. My she-wrangler saved a polecat from a snare when she was a little girl (many moons ago).

    • I hope so!

      I agree that a polecat is cool, and I’m pleased it’s living on the marsh, but I’d rather have an otter in my holt.

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