The End Is Nigh!

Sunrise: 06.58 Sunset: 07.03

I am seeing an increasing number of dead hornets around the nest – the colder the night, the more I see.


16 Comments on “The End Is Nigh!

      • You want me to pluck dead hornets from a tree trunk and post them to you? What if they are not dead and are resting? I know when I think they are dead when I go back the next day and they haven’t moved. What if they are not quite dead and they cover me with pheromones? The whole nest will attack me and I still have a gammy knee, Marc. I’d rather not take the chance.

        You are not aiming to get me stung are you, Marc;

      • LOL, I just need one for reference for an illustration, I wasn’t intending to use you as live bait. I’m sure I can find one at my end. They’ll all be dead soon :0)

      • I don’t like the way they have been looking at me lately, and gangs of them have chased me away on a few occasions. I reckon they have given me fair warning, Marc. 😉

    • The nest tree is just off a ridge path, on a steep bank, and is surrounded with dense brambles, Marc. The dead hornets hold on to the tree bark for a couple of days and then disappear; they either fall off, or the live hornets dispose of the dead bodies.

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