Sunrise: 06.46 Sunset: 07.20

I’m grounded with a gammy knee. 🙁

What progress I can make through the wood is very slow. A slip is likely to antagonize and lengthen healing of said gammy knee.

Now is the time for the hornets to make their move on me.




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  1. Having a bad knee can be frustrating, I know, when you love nature and truly love spending quality time in nature. If it continues to feel bad, be sure to get it looked at; it could be a torn meniscus. A lot of people have a torn meniscus and don’t even know it. I had one, from a slip in rain water, and had to have Arthroscopic meniscus surgery. I’m doing much better (and am glad that I had the surgery), but I’m not out of the woods yet. (Pun intended)

    • Thanks for your support, Tom. Hopefully, my knee will be healed soon.

      The big drawback is that it’s not easy getting down to ground level – most of the time I not bothering to try. So my photography is limited at the moment.

    • I am doing my best to be careful, Tom. It all started a few months ago with a pain in the ball of my right foot and has worked its way up my thigh. It’s only my knee that pains me now, but it is now improving day by day.

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