From Dense, Dark Wood to Light, Open Wood.

Sunrise: 06.36 Sunset: 07.34

I took a walk over to North Pond on Wednesday, to see how the improvement work was progressing. I’m glad to say that I am not disappointing. Colin has done a sensitive job, and the brash fires are in the right places too. It’s easy to go too far by removing too much, or not far enough; it takes a person who knows what they are doing to get things right.

When I walked in to what I had known for some time as a dark wood, my brain could not cope – it took a while, and a few walks up and down, before I was able to get my bearings. Even though I could see the north Pond chain, my brain was running two images: the old and this new one.  It is a weird feeling!

A tripod marked an animal hole; I had difficulty deciding exactly where it was before the trees were felled. We removed a few trees here over the last couple of months, which accounts for the grass growth. The floor of the wood has always been bare and lifeless.


Looking south towards the copse that we were based in on that hot day when Bill turned up in short trousers and sort sleeved shirt: he was bitten to within an inch of his life by mosquitoes. I doubt Bill will be so lax in his marsh dress again. I think he should stick to his deer stalker hat, tweed jacket and plus fours. 🙂


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