Let’s zap him lads!

Sunrise: 06.28 Sunset: 07.46



Believe me; I do know what is going to happen if I don’t stop bothering the hornets.


16 Comments on “Let’s zap him lads!

    • I really should, Joyce Hornets were buzzing around my head when I shot these this evening. I can see it in their faces; they are going to have me!

    • They do, Tom; however, they are not. If they were aggressive, they would have had me by now. Tonight I wore a hornet halo, but they were just investigating. Honest!

      • I’m not Tom 😉 But yes, I do know what you mean. I’ve had some interesting close encounters with hornets in Greece. They’re quite fascinating to watch! These just have such a great expression on their faces 🙂

  1. If they are not going to have you, I guess they may actually get used to you. I recommend buying new running shoes or a longer lens :d

    • This would be good advice if I wasn’t suffering with a gammy knee at the moment, Bruce. I guess I could run if I needed to.

  2. Great shots Mike. I have never found Hornets to be aggressive but then I have never messed about with a nest. They are programmed to defend it. I have read, “don’t breathe in the direction of the nest.” That upsets them. Good luck. 🙂

    • They mobbed me again tonight, Collin. I had my eye to the viewfinder and I heard them flying around me; they were also colliding with my head. I felt panic rise. I had a mental image like those you see of people with their heads and bodies covered with bees. I was a little concerned that they might sense fear and attack me, but they eventually flew back to the nest. I didn’t hang around when felt the coast was clear.

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