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      • oh my goodness!!! and you call yourself an Englishman! (sigh) wonder what campo and norman and cyril would think of that!!! (rofl) why ‘last of the summer wine’ of course!! yorkshire’s finest on display! okay, I admit it shows how awfully out of touch I was when I lived there, but then there definitely wasn’t anything on air about Coventry – not even a decent doco on jag! (damn, I actually remembered the names of the characters, how sad is that?)

      • I’m a Welshman, Willie! Thanks for the explanation. I was looking at the image and not the title. Your comment makes sense to me now. Of course I remember Last of the Summer Wine – a great classic. 🙂

      • aside (again) love Wales, absolutely the valley around pontypriddd (home town of his greatness) rhondda and every place there-abouts, heckk I even found Cardiff a pleasure (definitely if compared to London) if had it all to do over again i’d live there – miners and all –

      • yeah, I remember, the museum in ponty lamented the fact, of course all the denizens of the working mens club, by the park (gawd sound like the chamber of commerce) could recall the days, without aid of the offered pint!

      • I can recall those day too, I traveled the welsh mines in the early 80s. Some of the valley people took their ponies in the house when the weather turned really cold. I remember driving down the main streets and the ponies would have their heads out of the parlour windows watching life go by.

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