Beyond Wilden Marsh and Hoo Wood – Part 3 – Vermont – Japanese Beetle.



Japanese Beetle.


Japanese Beetle.

Japanese beetles are difficult to control. Unlike many garden pests that come in, do their damage, and then leave, Japanese beetles emerge in June and hang around for months. And while many pests are host-specific, attacking just one type of plant, Japanese beetles feed on a variety of ornamentals and edibles. They have a host range of around 300 plant species. Finally, the beetles are more mobile than many pests, and can fly in from surrounding areas, making neighborhood control efforts necessary. The good news is that they rarely do permanent damage to plants, except perhaps when they entirely defoliate young trees.

I photographed these beetles in a wet wood close to Waits River.

2 thoughts on “Beyond Wilden Marsh and Hoo Wood – Part 3 – Vermont – Japanese Beetle.

  1. Very nice shots! They are – fortunately – diminishing a lot in our area – due to an increase in certain predatory birds and human measures. When i go photographing, I see them more than I would like, but they are not nearly as destructive as they used to be. They used to decimate the soybean fields around here.


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