11 Comments on “Honeysuckle Bloom.

      • Its summer scent always takes me back to my childhood days. Lazy summer days, cookouts, walks in woods, lake….thanks for this.

      • There is something about honeysuckle that suggest magical properties. I frequently have the urge to photograph it.

      • You do it justice, the honeysuckle. It’s deserving. Now I would like to go find some to enjoy as well!

      • A good plan, Debi. If you find honeysuckle you could collect a few seeds for your garden.

      • Indeed. I plan to plant some along our fence. I want it bad, now that I’ve seen your image. Such a pleasant plant to have around.

      • It’s a creeping plant that has a very nice scent to attract insects – got to be a good thing to have around.

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