Bowled over by a Stag.

Sunrise: 05.34    Sunset: 08.55

I used my head torch in Hoo Wood this evening. It’s getting dark earlier, and the hi power LEDs light up insects and the eyes of larger animals.

Whilst creeping along the ridge track, inspecting the brambles, a startled stag rose right in front of me and lurched itself across my path, hitting my shins in the process. I went over like felled tree. I think the deer was sleeping on the edge of the track. I’ve fallen many times in the woods, but never over a deer; fortunately, my arm automatically lifted my camera out of harms way. 😀


Mint Loving Fly.

10 Comments on “Bowled over by a Stag.

  1. Heraclitus sayings come to mind:

    17. “Nature loves to hide itself.”

    19. “Unless you expect the unexpected you will never find truth, for it is hard to discover and hard to attain.

    72. “Fire in its progress will catch all things by surprise and judge them.”

  2. I must unearth my head torch which I haven’t used since I stopped night orienteering a good few years ago.

    • I see more insects and animals at night, using my head torch, than I do in daytime, Tom.

  3. That’s just an amazing picture – I never knew insects were so fabulous, which shows I haven’t been looking at things closely enough. Glad your camera is OK – and yourself, too.

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