What the camera trap saw.

Sunrise: 05.32    Sunset: 08.57

These are a few of 300 images from one of my otter holt camera trap memory cards.

The infra-red image quality might not be very good, but it does show the animals using the holt. One day a camera trap might even snap an otter.

IMAG004303_08_2014 IMAG005903_08_2014 IMAG006903_08_2014 IMAG007003_08_2014 IMAG007703_08_2014 IMAG012203_08_2014IMAG020603_08_201403_08_2014

2 Comments on “What the camera trap saw.

  1. Your hard work is paying off for all non-otter mammals it would seem! Is the first picture a stoat or weasel or similar?

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