I’m concerned that I’m not seeing many bees.

Sunrise: 05.17    Sunset: 09.13

This evening I saw one bee in Hoo Wood, and this is it.

Apart from biting midges and mosquitoes, there are not many flying insects about at the moment. There are large numbers of grasshoppers, though. Butterfly numbers seem to be down, too.


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  1. I have noticed a lot of grasshoppers this year and strangely lots on my patio this week. They seem to be behaving oddly so I wondered if they could be affected by a parasite. I know they can be invaded by the hair worm.

    • I have not looked closely at grasshoppers this year, but I have noticed they are in abundance.

  2. I’ve seen more bees here in Illinois this year. But compared to years ago – when I was younger – there are still relatively few. I remember that one could walk in lawns full of clover and there would be endless bees everywhere. Now there are few (to none). They’ve been doing research on their decline here at the University of Illinois. Apparently, too many bee keepers were keeping them only one one type of crop at a time; but, I am sure that pesticides and bee moths have had a lot to do with it too.

    • Even the dreaded Himalayan balsam blooms are not attracting their usual quota of pollinators this year: I know this because I have pulled a lot of it.

  3. I have lots of pollinators on my creeping thyme and echinacea but no honey bees and few bumble bees. I find mostly bee-like flies, carpenter bees and lots of teensy fly/bee/wasps. Butterflies are relegated to one sighting each of a yellow swallowtail, a dark swallowtail and a monarch. Not so good. I don’t like it.

    • There are butterflies here, but not in quantity, considering the sunny weather of late. There are many butterfly bushes (buddleja) in Hoo Wood and a few on the marsh, but they are not attracting many butterflies.

  4. I know what you mean, we have been adopted by bee’s this year. Even though there making home in part of our house, I still don’t see that many in the area. Plus I still haven’t seen the wide number of insects like last year. Yet to see a wasp beetle but soldier beetle numbers are up this year. I do wish local councils would stop cutting verges so early they really need to wait till September or August I think. I do think if they did then Bee numbers would hopefully rise.

    • I have seen very few wasps lately.

      Many of the wild bee tree nests I have grown used to checking over the years are no longer there.

  5. The butterflies have been down until the last few weeks when they exploded in numbers in Colchester. I admit I have not seen a decline in bees here.

  6. I’ve been seeing plenty of bees in London. I did wonder whether the heavy spring floods could have destroyed some bumblebee nests in rural areas. Butterfly numbers are very low.

  7. There is some concern in Norway about this too, but I have seen quite a lot of both bumble bees and other bees this summer.

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