The Corridor To The Tenant Farmer’s Field.

Sunrise: 04.53    Sunset: 09.33

photo (2)05_07_201405_07_2014

Looking south across the tenant farmer’s field, from the northern gate.

Beyond this field, in the far distance, is the south marsh.

photo (1)05_07_201405_07_2014

Looking north from the tenant farmer’s gate.

To the left of the grass line is the River Stour, and 20 metres further the canal. To the right of the image is Vogle’s Wood . This corridor skirts the north pasture, three sides of Vogle’s Wood and eventually leads to Wilden Lane.

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  1. I still think you ought to put together a book about Wilden Marsh. It would be very interesting and a historical record. You have all the material 🙂

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