Asian Hornet – Vespa velutina.

Sunrise: 04.46    Sunset: 09.33

I am pretty sure the hornet that has been terrorising me in Hoo Wood is Vespa crabro, a European hornet. The killer insect referred to in this Telegraph article, responsible for decimating the bee population of France and attacking people, is the Asian hornet Vespa velutina.

Apparently, these arrived in France in 2004 hidden in a consignment of pottery from China.

I read this article and recognised the orangey yellow livery immediately, but the reporter has used an image of a European instead of an Asian hornet:


14 Comments on “Asian Hornet – Vespa velutina.

  1. If you think this is the case you must inform the National Bee Unit at FERA. Try and get photos and even better a sample if possible. The Asian hornet arriving in Britain would be extremely serious news!

  2. Yes, I think the Telegraph may have used a Vespa crabro photo. Journalists are never very good at finding the correct insect photo for their stories!

  3. This proves, again, that we shouldn’t believe everything we read in news papers. 🙂

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