Himalayan Balsam.

Sunrise: 04.53 Sunset: 09.22

I walked along the east bank of the North Pond Chain today, past the living otter holt and the lightning trees. Invasive Himalayan balsam is really established around the pond and even grows on compacted track-ways. It is out competing meadowsweet and our other native plant species.

I began pulling the balsam out of the ground and stacking it on a barbed wire stock fence, on willow branches, and on log piles to dry before burning in autumn/winter. Pulling Himalayan balsam is not a hard job, the roots come out of the ground quickly and easily and without much effort.

The relatively easy and mindless task of pulling balsam is compensated by the opportunity to closely inspect insects, small mammals, and our often hidden native plants. Mice in particular scattered as I heaved roots from the leaf litter.

North Pond.

North Pond.





Himalayan Balsam.

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