Return of the owls.

Sunrise: 04.58  Sunset: 09.15

I mentioned in ‎about owl perches in trees alongside North Pond, when ground cover was not as dense as it has been of late.

I photographed this tawny in May 2012 . I‎ am hoping that improvements around the pond will encourage this owl, and others like it, to return to the safety of the pond area.



6 Comments on “Return of the owls.

  1. Beautiful. I often hear them outside the house but I have only ever seen them as a silhouette.

    • I’m glad you like the owl image, Joyce. The owl is truly a creature of the night, and effort is often required of those that wish to make its acquaintance.

  2. Oh she’s beautiful! They’re soooooo hard to spot let alone photograph. We have some living nearby, I suspect in the Horse chestnuts. I hear them frequently but can’t pin down their location!

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