10 Comments on “Peacock Butterfly.

  1. I know you will be bored with people saying this but your pictures are fantastic. I look forward to seeing them every day.

    • Thanks, Tom.

      I never get bored of compliments, Tom, and I’m very glad that I have a positive influence on your day.

      • Are your close up shots hand held or do you have a handy tripod or monopod with you?

      • I take all my shots hand-held, Tom. I used a 150 – 500mm lens to shoot this image; it’s hugely heavy compared with my 60mm macro lens.

      • I had to sell my big lens because my joints couldn’t cope with carrying it. It was a great shot for hand held with such a heavy lens.

      • Thanks. Such a shame you having to sell your big lens, Tom.

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