10 Comments on “Fannia Lustrator.

  1. God in his wisdom made the fly
    and then forgot to tell us why
    Ogden Nash

    You managed to make a fly beautiful…kudos.


    • Thank you!

      There are so many reasons why flies exist:

      There maggots recycle rotten flesh.

      They are food for animals.

      Some flies pollinate.

      We catch fish with their maggots.

      Surely you have heard the story of the old lady who swallowed a fly?

      I could go on, but you probably get the the message,

      Flies can also spread some horrible diseases, but so can humans.



      • I have decided it’s okay to be an amateur naturalist and still not like some animals or bugs. Flies are on the list. We live near cows, goats and horses…


      • Not liking them is one thing, ignoring them is another. The more you learn about flies, the less threatening they become; they are masterpieces of bioengineering and essential to life as we know it.


      • All living things have earned the right to carve a living from this Earth. Many have lived here very much longer than we have, and some will most likely still be here long after the human race.

        Flies are worthy links in the chain of life. The more I look at flies, the more I see beauty in their design, and the more I am aware of what they do.

        Beauty and ugliness exist only in the mind.


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