7 Comments on “Hoo Wood Whitebells.

  1. Hello Mike, Just wondering if these whitebells are a white form of our native bluebells or an escapee Spanish bluebell. You can tell from the colour of the stamens. If they are cream = native, denim blue = Spanish. Spanish also have little or no scent.

    • These are white versions of our native bluebells, Marc. They grow in amongst a patch of the blue variety. There is probably one whitebell plant to 2000 bluebell plants (wild guess).

      • Cool, I’ll look out for them in West Woods this weekend. Went last weekend but it was still a bit too early. Although they are well out in the hedgerows now and in my garden.

      • Lucky you. The bluebells in West Woods near Marlborough are pretty spectacular as it is an ancient beech woodland in a valley so you get to see even more of the blue. I’ll probably do a post on it if I get some half decent images.

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