A “must have” for relaxing on the marsh.

Sunrise: 05.59 Sunset: 08.18

When spending serious time on the marsh, it helps having a few useful luxuries to ease the day.

My A-frame lounger is one such luxury that might not look very comfortable at first glance, but believe me it is! It’s all too easy to fall asleep on this lounger – I have done, a few times. In answer to recent emails on this subject, the image should make clear what an A-frame chair/lounger is.

The spade I acquired from a leprechaun digging holes on the marsh; he was dressed head to toe in green, with buckles on his hat, belt and shoes. He sported a red beard and everything. When he caught sight of me he picked up his strange-looking bucket, held it tight to his chest, and did a runner. I shouted after him that he had forgotten his spade, he laughed and shouted back over his shoulder that he had his crock, so I was more than welcome to keep his spade. It is quite a small spade and an excellent and very handy marsh tool.


My A-frame lounger.


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    • I know! He didn’t seem at all upset; quite the reverse, in fact. Judging by the way he was running, the spade would be the straw that broke the camel’s back – the bucket looked seriously heavy. Still, his loss is my gain. Anyway, he shouldn’t have been digging on the marsh.

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