16 Comments on “Spring Beauty (Claytonia perfoliata).

  1. Astonishing. Such beauty in the simplicity, the perfection of such flora. That it is found on this planet bespeaks of Spirit. I am in love with this plant.

      • I find this entirely complex! The Creator expressed! So many perfections in such small packages. 🙂

      • Complex it is; perfect it isn’t (my view)! Perfection suggests no room for improvement, and we need to evolves in order to survive (my view). 🙂

      • ah the lesson again (whacks self on forehead) perfectly Imperfect 😀

        I really like this morning’s pictures…are they taken differently or from different software?

      • No difference that I am aware of, Elisa.

        How do my images appear different to you? I am not aware that I am doing my photography differently. It often depends on how I see an image in my head before I capture it. I suppose my mood has a lot to do with it also.

        Prior to taking the images, I was talking to someone living on the edge of Hoo Wood who had 20 ducks missing from his coop – perhaps this news affected my photography.

        If by software, you mean Photoshop, I don’t have any.

        I have just looked at the images I posted today, and I assume you mean the diffused background effect. This is achieved using 1/100 second exposure,aperture of f2.8,or there about, the camera pop-up flash and a spotlight I have permanently fitted to my camera. 🙂

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