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    • The party was 50 metres from Walnut’s nest: to much of a haul for her. She probably feels that the slugs will squat in her nest is she spends too much time away. Slugs have no manners, or any sense of tree etiquette.

  1. Aren’t they cool?! We used to live on a lake and several times during the summer we would watch the rise up out of the lake and swarm into the trees. By morning our house would be covered and trees looked like they were covered in garland! Great for fishing….

      • Ha! On a cliff overlooking the lake. Well, a tall bank around 25-30 feet. We could see them rise and begin to coat the lower trees. As more and more hatched and moved up the bank the sound of them was very loud, and we would stay until they got too close. Surreal. We learned that craneflies, or mayflies as we called them there, are indicators of a clean lake. When the lake was disturbed by hurricanes (like Hurricane Rita), mayflies would hatch much less, if at all. On years of clarity and nice weather they would hatch in droves.

      • No stilts. We were up very high on a bank – the entire neighborhood was. If it ever flooded there North Alabama would’a been in trouble…! Ha!

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