Seeding Stinking Hellebore.

Sunrise: 06.32 Sunset: 07.52

This Stinking Hellebore grows all on its own, hidden away in a dank, shaded hollow in the depth of Hoo Wood.  Strangely, I was walking past the plant earlier this evening as tweets arrived from Tina Dorkin@itsMeTinaD and kingfisher@Barbus59 answering my previous post question, and suggesting the blooms might belong to a hellebore plant.

I just had to photograph the bloom again, complete with resident aphid.


Stinking Hellebore.


Stinking Hellebore.


Stinking Hellebore.

5 Comments on “Seeding Stinking Hellebore.

  1. I always thought that Stinking Hellebore had a pale green flower head. It is definitely a hellebore coming into seed! They’re one of my favourite flowers and I have several growing in the front garden to bring some colour to the winter months 🙂


  2. It certainly looks like a Hellabore, Mike.

    I’ll have to look up ‘stinking hellebore’ because I have a very similar photo of a hellebore which sort of looks like a dried hellebore, but not the usual Hellabore that I’m familiar with. I’ve never heard of the ‘stinking’ variety.


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