128, 138 and 158.

Sunrise: 06.44 Sunset: 07.43

We have a flighty element within the current herd of young cows on the marsh. 158 is the smallest and the most belligerent. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel at all threatened by cows, but when photographing an overflying heron on the weekend, 158 rushed up and gave me a nudge that ruined a perfectly good photo opportunity. 128 and 138 are influenced by the boisterous behaviour of 158, but they are not as overtly overfamiliar – all three will dance excitedly around me. I now check where the cows are before taking photographs close to the river.

The second image shows 158 giving me the evil eye. 128 is not as confident, and 138 is the last to join in, but the trio need watching.

158 might be converted to beef burgers sooner than planned. . . .

IMG_089531_03_2014A IMG_089731_03_2014A

4 Comments on “128, 138 and 158.

    • I gave her an on-the-spot verbal warning, Julia, but a don’t think she take any notice. 158s job is to graze the marsh.

      Half a mile way there are long-horned cattle roaming around the common: people think twice about going near these.

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