14 Comments on “Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly.

      • As you say, it is in excellent condition for an over winterer. I’m building a butterfly tower at the moment, for over winters.

      • Great idea to build a tower Mike. My log store encourages a few but then I have to move them to use the logs! What I was trying to establish is whether you thought this tortoiseshell was an over-wintered specimen or a freshly emerged one?

      • That’s what I thought. A bit early to be a newly hatched. But in remarkably good condition for an over-wintered specimen. Just a little bit of wear on the right wing edge.

      • The tortoiseshells a I’ve seen this year are in similar condition.

      • Yes they had a really good year last year (for a change) so many of the late hatching specimens look to have over-wintered really well. I’ve seen a lot too. Plus many more Brimstones possibly as a result of the very mild winter?

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