Drinker Moth Caterpillar (Euthrix potatoria).

Sunrise: 06.46 Sunset: 07.42

The Drinker Moth Caterpillar likes damp grassy places. I found this one on a blade of grass in the middle of North Pond, whilst others bottle trapped for Great Crested Newts. Many years ago someone observed this caterpillar’s forebears drinking from water droplets on leaves and grasses, and named it Drinker. The larva feed on grasses and pupates in tough, yellow, sausage-shaped cocoons.


Is this a face to be proud of?


Drinker Moth Caterpillar (Euthrix potatoria).


Drinker Moth Caterpillar (Euthrix potatoria).

19 Comments on “Drinker Moth Caterpillar (Euthrix potatoria).

  1. Hi, thanks for the information and beautiful pictures of the drinker moth caterpillar. Just used it to confirm identification of said creature seen in Shirebrook Woods, Derbyshire during last two days. Coincidentally there was a group from the British Trust for Ornithology looking for cuckoos. They ringed one and it can be tracked on the BTO website. Numbers are declining and we are getting more males than females returning to UK. Best wishes, Lee B.


  2. Just found a drinker moth caterpillar near Richmond in North Yorkshire! Close to brambles and nettles, on the path between an arable field and one with cattle in.


  3. This question has been worrying me for a while and I feel you may have the answer. I have recently collected quite a large Drinker Moth caterpillar, but I have not provided any dirt for it to burrow. My question is; Does the Drinker Moth burrow? It would be a relief to know, also your post was very informative. Thank You.


    • Good question, Becky. I know that the drinker remains a caterpillar for a couple of years. As to burrowing, I don’t rightly know. I would guess that the drinker caterpillar hibernates in the base of grass tussocks.


  4. Hi Mike. I got a photo of this caterpillar today at Ynys Hir RSPB, the last one I took was at Saltholme RSPB. Ynys Hir is absolutely fantastic at this time of year if you like warblers, flycatchers and redstarts. My first visit but been four days running.


    • Not poisonous, but the hairs will cause itching and inflammation if you get any stuck in your skin. It is only the cuckoo that will eat the Drinker caterpillar, Carl.


  5. My Drinker moth has been resting at the top of my verticle blind all day, I live in the North east just north of Durham. Pleased I found out what he is 🙂


    • I’m glad to be of assistance, Sarah. I hope you remember to leave it something to drink; the top of your vertical blind might be a very dry place. 🙂


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