Camera Trapped.

Sunrise: 06.19 Sunset: 06.17

I set up a 24 hour camera trap looking at the living otter holt back yard, just to see what animals were using the facilities.

IMAG000117_03_2014a IMAG000717_03_2014a IMAG001117_03_2014a IMAG001517_03_2014a IMAG002117_03_2014a IMAG002217_03_2014a

10 Comments on “Camera Trapped.

  1. I love the wildlife cameras. We use them at our mining claim. We’ve caught deer, foxes, fishers, mountain lions and lots of bears. It’s like Christmas when we check the card. You will have great fun!

    • I have used camera traps for many years, and I am still excited to find out what’s on the memory card.

      • I have quite a few camera traps. There are some I put put for a day or two, and others that have been out for years. Yes, I have snapped some very interesting animal behaviour.

  2. Wow, is that a lesser spotted Mike in the first one? I never realised how many cats treapsed through the garden until I got a camera trap!

    • Well spotted! I wondered recognised the critter in the first image. 🙂

      Camera traps can be good fun.

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