Toading By Moonlight.

Sunrise: 06.28 Sunset: 06.10

Toading again this evening. It’s a beautifully clear star and moonlit night out here – light enough to move about with ease. North Pond is inky black,though. It’s much safer on this east bank since we cleared the brambles, the saplings, and removed a few trees to let the light in. It’s pleasant enough here, relaxing in my A-frame sack lounger, watching toads and shooting stars. What a pity the water’s too warm to cool a six-pack.

I few more male toads chillin’ in the smelly water, saving their energy for the main event – a little easier to see them than earlier in the week. I wonder if the females will arrive this weekend.

There have been a few animals rusting through the undergrowth.

Much squawking from the heronry, and a moorhen has shouted at me for most of the evening.

I find it very relaxing here, but the time has come to hide my lounger and make my way home. I’ll check on the marsh vixen on the way.


IMG_025013_03_2014 IMG_025913_03_2014 IMG_026213_03_2014

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