Sunrise: 06.35 Sunset: 06.04

I went toading to North Pond this evening. It was an hour before I saw a toad; they hide on the muddy bottom – they even look like the bottom of the pond. It takes quite a time to get your eye in, before they become visible. When eyes and the brain eventually cooperate, the toads appear like magic, leaving a person wondering why it has taken so long to see them.

The males are biding their time, waiting motionless for the females to arrive; some practice mating with other males, but most just wait.

It is difficult photographing toads at this stage of the mating game. It’s a matter of standing in the pond, waiting for a toad to come up for air. It’s easier when the females arrive – they are interested in mating and not in what is happening out of the pond. Anyway, I managed to take a few photographs, not very good photographs, but it’s a start.

IMG_043311_03_2014 IMG_044411_03_2014


IMG_014211_03_2014 IMG_014411_03_2014 IMG_014911_03_2014

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