Activity at the new living otter holt.

Sunrise: 06.35 Sunset: 06.04

An animal has tried, unsuccessfully, to gain access to the living otter holt without using the proper entrance or exit. It has attempted to dig straight through to the living chamber, from the backyard. There are no discernible paw prints, just fresh earth and a hole. I suspect a ninja rabbit, but there aren’t any droppings.

The living chamber is built like a stockade – its circular wall is constructed of thick willow stakes driven deep into the ground – to stop animals from digging their way in.

I have laid down footprint traps.


New hole in otter holt backyard.


Close-up of new hole in otter holt.



Proper exit very close to new hole.

4 Comments on “Activity at the new living otter holt.

  1. I know you think it is just a rabbit, but still, it is quite exciting. You have clearly build a des-res 🙂

  2. I’ll be interested to find out what was trying to get in – assuming you do manage to find out, that it.

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