Log-pile Otter Holt.

Sunrise: 06.35 Sunset: 06.04

Mike Averill and I started a new otter holt project yesterday afternoon, at the junction of Hoo Brook and the River Stour.

Unlike the palatial otter stately home we built a quarter-mile downstream, this is to be a peasant’s dwelling in comparison.

Two and a half leisurely hours is all it took to erect the walls of this log-pile holt; another half day will see the roof on and the build finished.

Three months from now, this area will be covered in 7 to 8 feet high vegetation – mainly Himalayan balsam.

Three watercourses flow past this holt: the canal, the River Stour, and Hoo Brook. The straight grass line three-quarters of the way up the image, is the canal.


Log-pile Otter Holt.

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