Off to Toad Hall.

Sunrise: 06.37 Sunset: 06.02

Mike Averill, the Worcestershire Dragonfly Recorder, and I made our way through the northern corridor this afternoon. We were on our way back from North Pond and the living otter holt;  neither otters nor toads did we see.

I commented, as we waded through gloopy mud stirred into a smelly soup by the cattle, that it was the 9th of March when I noticed the male toads in North Pond last year.

Today has been a brilliantly warm and sunny day, and I reckoned that this was just the weather to wake the toads from their hibernation. I hardly finished the sentence when Mike spotted a well camouflaged toad crawling ahead of us.

This is it! The toad mating is about to begin. I know it is only one toad, but there will be many more following him. Next week will be my time for nighttime toad photography.


IMG_010309_03_2014 IMG_010509_03_2014

11 Comments on “Off to Toad Hall.

  1. One season, there were so many toads and I didn’t know that they came out onto the path in the dark, more than in the day, I couldn’t see them as I was walking along when the dark caught me later than usual, I accidentally kicked one and now I’m afraid to walk in the dark for fear of squishing one!

  2. Great shots, Mike.
    I’m surprised you spotted this toad at all – great camouflage colouring.

    • Thanks, Vicki. I think it was the movement of the toad that Mike Averill spotted.

      As you don’t like creepy insects, I am surprised that you have an interest in creepy toads. 😉

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