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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Sunrise: 07.11 Sunset: 05.35 . . . and I live in a rotten birch tree: in that hole there!

Sunrise: 07.11 Sunset: 05.35 Just about to burst.

Sunrise: 07.11 Sunset: 05.35 The response of this Walnut Orb-Weaver Spider (Nuctenea umbratica), a spider of the Araneidae family, to my torch beam last night, was to crawl very slowly into its winter nest. This spider is very common in Hoo Wood, and seems to favour holes in rotting silver birch trees for nests. Nuctenea umbratica is capable of biting humans, causing itchiness and a burning sensation followed by a red patch with… Read More

Sunrise: 07.17 Sunset: 05.30 Darkling beetles, in this case Nalassus Laevioctostriatus, are common and very numerous in Hoo Wood. On the last couple of evenings I counted a dozen or more of these beetles grazing algae on each foot or two length of oak tree trunk I looked at.

Sunrise: 07.17 Sunset: 05.30

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