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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Sunrise: 07.04 Sunset: 05.41 . . . and shine your torch into a deep, dark hole in the trunk of a tree, you might see a slug sleeping with a worm.

Sunrise: 07.07 Sunset: 05.39 Every evening I creep up on this walnut’s nest; every evening she is waiting for me just outside her front door. Her body is as big as my fist. She spits at my torch beam: arachnophobes nightmare, if truth be told.  She is beautiful, though, and I can’t resist stealing her image. She’ll not accept my company for long and soon retreats indoors.

Sunrise: 07.09 Sunset: 05.37 The living otter holt is finally finished. The build accounted for 44 work hours in total, which is a reasonable time. Nature has to play her part by facilitating rooting of the willow, greening-up of the structure,  and we need a pregnant otter bitch to take up residence. Also read the following posts: Living Otter Holt Building 5. Living Otter Holt Building – Part 3. Living Otter… Read More

Sunrise: 07.09 Sunset: 05.37 Last night I crept up on the this spider and snapped it again before it had time to crawl into its nest. The walnut orb-weaver is experimenting with the weather at the moment and won’t move far from its nest entrance until things warm up a bit, then she will be off spinning webs.

Sunrise: 07.09 Sunset: 05.37 This old chestnut is resting on a flowering currant leaf – it’s the first 1’ve seen this year.

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