Bits and Pieces.

Sunrise: 07.17 Sunset: 05.30

I walked over to North Pond this evening on a toad hunt, but they hadn’t yet arrived for their annual mating fest. At some point over the next 2 – 3 weeks I expect the pond to be churning with writhing, mating common toads.

IMG_376215_03_2012 TOADS19_02_2014A

Male common toads waiting for the females to arrive (archive image).

Within minutes of arriving home from the marsh I was out again, taking Spike for his evening walk in Hoo Wood. My night-time photography has been pretty uninspiring lately, so I didn’t take my camera. I don’t think I have seen so many tree climbing slugs, woodlice, beetles and snake millipedes crawling over the old oak trees as there were in Hoo Wood tonight  – typical!  It’s hard for me to walk away from such photo opportunities. I feel compelled to record natural local events, so I used my mobile phone camera.

photo (2)19_02_2014A

Tree Climbing Slugs.

I saw more snake millipedes than slugs. Woodlice were most numerous; as the beam of my torch hit them, they immediately dropped to the ground. Woodlice rained on and around me – an usual occurrence in Hoo Wood.


Snake millipedes and woodlice.

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  1. Enjoyed your blog! It put me in the mood to do night walks around the yard when the temperatures finally moderate enough for “things” to be out.

      • Our weather hasn’t been conducive for outdoor activities. All I’ve been seeing are birds … it won’t be long now and I’ll be out “poking” around.

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