Living Otter Holt Building 5.

Sunrise: 07.39 Sunset: 05.09

Mike Averill, the Dragonfly Recorder for Worcestershire, and I logged up another 10 hours between us on this living otter holt build. Mike’s help has been invaluable; the quality of his workmanship is excellent, and the  hours he has worked on this project equals mine. A total of 38 man hours have been expended, and we are still not finished.

The holt is fully functional, but we have yet to complete the process of blending the whole structure into the landscape; it’s not yet invisible. I feel sure some of the elements are beginning to become one with the surrounding ground.

The floor of the living chamber consists of 2 layers of 30 mm diameter logs with a top layer of dried oak leaves. The roof and side walls are, or will be, completely covered in a thick soil mixture containing leaves and twigs to provide sound and weatherproofing.

I reckon another 5 or 6 man hours will see the holt completed.

On the far side and to the left of the holt is a secure and secluded space for the pups and the bitch to play and exercise. The covered holt run stretches from the inside of the large oak tree, right down to the water’s edge. Pups are fearful of water and need to be coaxed into it.

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8 Comments on “Living Otter Holt Building 5.

  1. Excellent work Dr Mike. I have a very strong feeling that you will soon strike it lucky. A bitch will find you LOH irresistible.


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