Conservation Sunday and Living Otter Holt Building 4.

Sunrise: 07.59 Sunset: 04.44

In spite of cold and continuous rain, eight hardy and eager volunteers turned up at Marsh Farm this morning for this month’s Conservation Sunday. By the end of the day, all work goals were easily achieved.

A huge pile of brambles and birch saplings is awaiting burning. It’s amazing what a small group of motivated volunteers can do in five hours.

Weaving of the otter holt walls is finished. The roof is on, but its weaving is not yet complete. Another eight man hours expended today increases this living otter holt build time grand total to 28 hours.

The holt now looks even more of a mess, but when finished the structure will be invisible to the casual observer. The living chamber will be dark during daylight, water and windproof, and warm. A raised floor will help control rising damp.

We have yet to roof the entrance run from the water to the main holt. A brash barrier running from the oak tree to the pond edge will protect the holt from inquisitive cattle.

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photo (2)25_01_2014a

Showing the holt roof fitted over the living chamber and exit run.

8 Comments on “Conservation Sunday and Living Otter Holt Building 4.

    • Otter activity seems to be increasing on the marsh. There is a man-made otter holt at the south end of the marsh that is attracting the attention of otters.

      The living otter holt we are building is in an area where the river banks are low.

      We hope to encourage otters to live and breed on the marsh.

  1. i still have never seen this sort of thing here…otters make their own, so, I am confused
    but wow that is a lot of work to put what you want where you want

    • Otters take advantage of the resources within their territories, Elisa, and their territories can range as far as thirty to forty kilometres.

      An otter might have 10 to 20 places throughout its territory, where it can lie-up during the day. They will use a hole at the base of a tree close to a river or pond, a pipe, or a couch to rest on during the day. They don’t build their homes to the luxurious standards offered by our living otter holt. A bitch will make use of the best an area has to offer when it comes to choosing a safe and secure place to give birth and raise her pups.

      Otters can give birth at any time of year, and the dog plays no part in rearing his children.

      I hope your confusion has now melted away, and that all is well with you again. 😉

  2. Otters do seem to be a conservation success story, but they still need us to be vigilant and do all that we can to help them. Great work 🙂

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