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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Sunrise: 08.19  Sunset: 04.01 Can You believe it? I found this conservation cow asleep on the job this morning. She and her sisters should be clearing the grass before we start work around North Pond on Sunday.

Sunrise: 08.19  Sunset: 04.01 I found this dandelion on the marsh this morning. There is always something trying to flower right up to the last possible moment. Is the last marsh bloom until the blossom early next year?

Sunrise: 08.19  Sunset: 04.01 This little fella was pecking away at the top of the north marsh lightning tree, on the east bank of North Pond. He knew I was waiting at the bottom of the tree for him to look down at me, but he wouldn’t. My arms ached with the effort of keeping my camera and 500 mm lens pointing upwards. I whistled and shouted, but he totally blanked me…. Read More

Sunrise: 08.19  Sunset: 04.01  

Sunrise: 08.19  Sunset: 04.01

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