Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Sunrise: 08.19  Sunset: 04.01

This little fella was pecking away at the top of the north marsh lightning tree, on the east bank of North Pond. He knew I was waiting at the bottom of the tree for him to look down at me, but he wouldn’t. My arms ached with the effort of keeping my camera and 500 mm lens pointing upwards. I whistled and shouted, but he totally blanked me. I even kicked the tree. Eventually he squawked and flew away when it started to rain.

Today it rained heavily on the marsh; the sun shone; the wind blew; it was quiet with hardly a breath of a breeze; the sky was as black as a coal miner wearing balaclava  on a dark night, and then clear bright pastel blue.


Great Spotted Woodpecker.

19 Comments on “Great Spotted Woodpecker.

  1. lol that’s beautiful AND a funny example of human’s and nature (maybe human nature), what we want is what every(one)thing wants hahaha did you really kick it?! hehe too funny


    • Ouch toes!!! Bummer I put in an ‘ where one did not belong in humans. I do not know much about snakes, are there snakes there in winter? Or do they get very slow and underground due to the cold bloodednesses?


  2. The snakes should be tucked-up safe and sound underground at the moment. There is a lot of activity on the north marsh at the moment, so I wouldn’t be surprised at anything popping it’s head above ground. The withy wood is being felled right now, and there are all sorts hiding, crawling. walking and swimming about in there.


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