Witches’ Butter.

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In the old days, gelatinous Witches’ Butter (Exidia Glandulosa) was thought to be a product of witches and that burning or stabbing it would have similar effects on she who made it.


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  1. It is so funny, the witchcraft practiced by the persecutors and they didn’t really seem to know it.

  2. Fear, laziness, a lack of knowledge and fortitude, prejudice and a herd mentality will often work to steer some ‘normal’ people away from logic, Elisa. Don’t forget, it’s not that long ago that we thought the world flat.

    Witches’ Butter seems to appear overnight, it’s black, soft, slimy, and spreadable; it’s not difficult to see why people associated it with witches. I expect a gossip once said: “Do you know, I heard that if you burn or stab Witches’s Butter, the witch that made it will die.” The person, or persons listening to the gossip might say, ” Hmm, I think there is a lot of sense in what you say.” “Kill the witch!”

  3. I read of a Welsh witchcraft trial from around 1650; in which part of the evidence was that Witches’ Butter grew on the accused doorpost.

    A lot of our knowledgebase is constructed around what individuals and organisations portray as truth. . . .

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