A Conservation Cow.

Sunrise: 08.18  Sunset: 04.00

A conservation cow starting work on the wild north marsh.


4 Comments on “A Conservation Cow.

  1. I love this. When I was little, I wanted to grow up and be a cow. I was completely convinced. As it is, I am a taurus. I guess my dream came true 🙂

    • How strange to want to grow up to be a cow. I can’t see the attraction. Do you have a particular penchant for grass? I think the marsh cows end up in burgers. 😉

  2. Haha! I think the attraction was roaming and being gentle and still. Even to this day, in the most crisis time of all my work, I seem to be able to be calm, gentle, and still, (and always have food handy- hence munching solemnly on a biscuit or something) but legit- I was convinced, Chocolate Milk Cow (aka, Jersey Cow). Admittedly I feel a little different about my life goals now, lol, but oddly can see a parallel in behaviour….. hehe

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