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      • I think that you would be surprised at what I sometimes see on the marsh at nighttime, Sarah. I have to say that I have not yet met an elf, but I have seen many of their caps. 🙂

      • will-o’-the-wisp is common on the marsh, especially in the flooded withy wood. I’ve not been able to catch one, but they flicker through the closely packed spindly tree trunks in there.

        I only see the Hobgoblin when he wants me to see him; his rancid smell often alerts me when he is close by.

        Vern, the gnome, is not very smart – I’ve stumbled upon him a few times.

      • That sounds very gnomish! Of course some are so incredibly stupid that they sit still without a single thought going through their heads for soooooo long they just turn to stone! Hence all the garish garden ornaments. Next time you stumble across Vern, do warn him of the dangers!

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