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Sunrise: 08.19 Sunset: 04.05 Hoo Wood fox was lurking in his usual place this evening, high up on the bank, 30 metres from the path, in amongst the oak trees. I see him here often; his eyes flashing in the beam of my torch. Normally, with my torch beam squarely on him, he sits tightly rooted to the spot. This evening, though,  he must have decided it was time to investigate the… Read More

Sunrise: 08.19  Sunset: 04.05

Sunrise: 08.19  Sunset: 04.05 I was in Dark Wood this morning, looking for fungi.

Sunrise: 08.19  Sunset: 04.03 I thought this might be a Glistening Inkcap, but now I think it’s a Velvet Shank ( Flammulina Velutipes). No, I was right in the first place: it’s Glistening Inkcap (Coprinellus Micaceus).

Sunrise: 08.19  Sunset: 04.03 Activity at the southern marsh otter holt has decreased, which is not unusual: otters move around a lot. The number of daytime lie-ups it will have in its territory can be in double figures. I am seeing otter runs across grass at various places on the marsh. I am either getting better at spotting the runs, or otter activity is increasing – I think the latter. I have decided… Read More

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