Sunrise: 07.48  Sunset: 04.04

I noticed a well-worn track leading to and through the south pool the other day. It was a cold morning with thin ice-covered standing water. The track narrowed on its way back to the river. The image shows a single track splitting in two. The left branch leads to a flooded wood, and the right crosses the pool to join the main vehicular track to the Reserve entrance.

The widest part of the trackway, at the bottom of the image, is covered by a mass of animal footprints. The most obvious are those of the south marsh fox and muntjac deer. However, in the confusion of imprints are two belonging to an otter.

The thin ice is continuously shattered along left hand branch. The two otter imprints lead to the pool, but none return to the river. I reckon the otter had climbed out of the river and made its way to the flooded wood not long before I arrived. There’s a man-made holt in the direction the otter travelled.

The otter might have been on its way home to the artificial holt, or perhaps it was hunting in the wood. . . .

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    • Otters are very elusive on the marsh, but they leave plenty of signs that they are out and about here.

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