November Volunteer Workday.

Sunrise: 07.25  Sunset: 04.20

On my way through the marsh to the volunteer workday, I paused at various vantage points to watch the sun burn away the early morning mist. This is a view across the field bordering the east side of the tenant farmer’s Field. A mixture of mist and steam rose from the wet vegetation.

The morning quickly turned into a really beautiful day. We felled,  pruned and trimmed a decent area of willow, alder and hawthorn trees,  creating brash and log pile habitats from the waste wood. Unusually, we shared our work space with the marsh cows; they moved easily, freely, and relatively fearlessly, amongst us in their eagerness to eat as many willow leaves as possible.

The next Wilden Marsh Volunteer Workday is on Sunday 24th November.

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