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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Sunrise: 07.55  Sunset: 04.00 This is a view looking south from Hoo Brook. The new corridor is through the  gate on the right. The sun is sinking below the horizon, or the new development on the old sugar beet factory site.

Sunrise: 07.55  Sunset: 04.00 Leaning against a moss-covered tree branch on the river bank today, waiting for the kingfisher to fly by, I noticed it was covered in very small finely lined feathers trembling in the breeze. In among the small feathers, on the moss, were two larger feathers that looked like they might have belonged to a buzzard: clues to what had occurred here earlier. . . .  

Sunrise: 07.55  Sunset: 04.00 I visited the area of the otter holt, and the well-worn track from the river through the south pool today. I couldn’t find otter prints – plenty of fox prints, though – but I did find an otter run through the grass: one going out towards the holt, and another along side coming back.

Sunrise: 07.54  Sunset: 04.01 This new weir lifts the water level of the River Stour by one and a half metres.

Sunrise: 07.54  Sunset: 04.01

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