Marsh maintenance and improvement.

Sunrise: 07.44  Sunset: 06.03

This is a field that the Wilden Marsh volunteers worked earlier this month. It’s now the cattle’s job to munch down the extremely varied and tough vegetation to a manageable level, before the start of the next year’s  growing and nesting season. The cows are far better than people at conditioning this type of  ground.

The field is very boggy, which makes it impossible to mow. The cattle are completely at home wading about in the water, as long as it’s not too deep. I leant against the gate watching them for a while, late yesterday afternoon. The sky was dark, overcast and threatening. One of the cows suddenly bellowed and began walking to higher level, and the rest quickly followed. “They know it’s going to rain,” I muttered to myself. No sooner had the last cow reached dry ground, the sky opened and rain fell in a deluge.

Rare plants grow in this field, including Marsh Cinquefoil.


IMG_820719TH OCTOBER 2013a

IMG_024919TH OCTOBER 2013a

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  1. Cymbeline Meadows in Colchester has its own herds of cow, which I love watching, they too seem to love to head into water to munch at whatever plants they like.

  2. The Marsh cattle have such placid faces. The grass certainly looks very high at the moment. Good to hear more news of Hoo Woods & The Marsh area these days.

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